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Medicare is meant to make life easier for people living in Oklahoma City, Bartlesville, Muskogee, Tulsa, Grove, Broken Arrow, OK, and the surrounding areas. But to the everyday individual, signing up for Medicare can feel like you're dealing with an octopus when considering all of the different parts and options. Good thing you know about the friendly agents at Reliant Insurance Agency who can help explain things in basic terms and will cut through the clutter to give you the options that work best for you!

Whether you are newly retired and need to figure out Medicare Part A or you are looking for better Medicare supplemental insurance, our agents will help you get the right coverage and explain it all.

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Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap)

If you have Medicare Part A and Part B, Medicare Supplement Insurance can help fill in the gaps!

There are four parts of Medicare:

  • Part A: Inpatient and hospital coverage.
  • Part B: Outpatient and medical coverage.
  • Part C: The Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • Part D: Prescription drug coverage.

The different options can be confusing unless you are well-versed in them. A case in point is what is covered when we talk about Medicare supplements. Often this term and Medicare Advantage get confused and substituted, but they are definitely not the same. Medicare supplemental insurance is commonly referred to as Medigap coverage, and that's because it is there to cover the "gap" in what Medicare Part A and Part B cover and what you will need to pay out of pocket for.

Medicare Part A is designed to handle hospital visits and the associated costs, while Medicare Part B deals with the medical/doctor visits and those costs. Because there are limits on both of these parts, anything that isn't covered becomes the responsibility of the patient. Rather than be left with a large bill, there is now Medigap coverage, referred to as Medicare supplemental insurance, that will help deal with these remaining costs. It fills in the "gap" left from Medicare Parts A and B.

Medicare Advantage Plans

The other option that gets talked about a lot is Medicare Advantage plans. These are not the same as Medigap coverage, and in fact, you cannot have both a Medicare Advantage plan AND a Medigap plan. You have to choose between one or the other. Medicare Advantage plans wrap Parts A and B into a single plan, and often also include Medicare Part D as well, which is designed to deal with prescription drug payments. Medicare Advantage plans are sometimes referred to as Part C plans. These Advantage plans also often feature additional coverages, including vision insurance, dental insurance, and more.

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